- loves list making (and does it almost every day!)
- doesn’t have a sweet tooth…has sweet teeth
- loves food
- is a crazy cat lady
- loves powerlifting
- loves cycling
- hates running but does it to enjoy baked goods
- is interested in music and art
- loves her friends and family
- especially her life partner (roommate)
- and her boyman

I started this blog to always keep challenging myself in the kitchen.  So far, it has sort of, kind of accomplished this.  I have made a lot of new things and shy away from making the same thing twice but, I still have a tendendcy to stick with my favourite flavour combos (peanut butter and chocolate, I'm looking at you!).  I do eat other things than baked goods...sometimes. 


- loves to make lists and then disregard them completely
- is a crazier cat lady
- loves her friends and family
- especially her cats (that's a lie, friends and family first)
- swears she's not just saying that (my cats are illiterate)
- likes swimming, cycling, and running
- especially when she's kicking ass
- and taking names

I started contributing to this blog as a way to occupy my brain and experiment with new things.  I've always loved baking and recently decided to kick it up a notch.  I'm just learning and open to suggestions and ideas.