Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the tea cosy, brighton, uk

I am super late posting this and I apologize.  It's been the busy middle of the semester but I am out of the woods for a bit.

My one regret with this place is that I didn't try it sooner!  This quirky little tea spot is sooo amazing.  It's a definite must if you are ever in Brighton.  The Tea Cosy is absolutely covered from floor to ceiling in kitschy knick knacks and Royals memorabilia.  It was so over the top, which made it eve more enjoyable.

Last Sunday, I decided it was time to take a break from paper writing and do something fun, so Lenzie, Chad and I headed downtown to do a bit of shopping.

We stopped in here for some food and tea and it didn't disappoint.  The sandwiches that Lenzie and I got were oozing with cheese and tomatoes.  The tea pots were all covered in their own unique tea cosy and the dishes were an eclectic mix of China.  I was in heaven!  I'm such an old lady at heart.

Plus, the scones were seriously delicious and came with raspberry jam, my favourite!


  1. Yum! This place looks amazing. I can't wait for you to take me there. :)