Wednesday, October 5, 2011

you can take the girl out of the bakery but you can't take the baker out of the girl (or something like that)

So, I'm all moved in to my new little flat and most things are going quite well.  In the first week I became fast friends with a girl on my floor from the US.  We were both missing baking and decided to try and figure out the little oven that came in our studio flats.  At the same time, I am only here for a year and am trying really hard not to accumulate a ton of stuff.  Here is our baking adventure.

Step 1: Pick a recipe
Caitlin: We should make something easy like cookies.
Lenzie:  I have a banana I should probably use.
Caitlin: Chocolate chip banana cookies it is.

Step 2: Mix together ingredients in the closest thing to a mixing bowl you have.
Step 3: Put cookies on sheet, set oven to "oven mode" and attempt to bake.
Sparking in the "microwave"
Caitlin:  Oh my god, that's not supposed to happen, that's not supposed to happen!  Stop it!!'

Step 4: Place on the "oven-approved tray" that looks like it totally has metal on it but apparently doesn't and attempt to bake again.


Step 5: Try a different setting.


Slightly better but still the texture was not quite right.

Step 6: Go knock on doors to the flats with real ovens and make new friends.

The cookies were slightly more successful but the bottoms got quite browned and we didn't really make friends.  So, we threw the rest of the dough in the fridge and tried again tonight by knocking on a different door.  The people in this flat were super friendly and we hung out and baked cookies for a good half hour and they didn't burn at all.  So, the key to cookie success is to not use our little ovens and to make new friends.  This might mean that I don't get to do much baking this year, but I am joining the tea and cake society and have the first meeting Friday, so I'll at least have that to look forward to.

If you're wondering about the recipe for this one.  We used a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe and just added a banana, a bit more flour and a teensy bit more baking soda.

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