Sunday, October 23, 2011

hands of bath tearoom: review # 2

My second tea experience in England was when we visited Bath and Stonehenge on an International Students' trip.  I was wishing that I had done a bit more research before we got there because we just wandered around until we found a suitable tea house that could seat all six of us.  In the end it worked out well though.

Once again we began our day by touristing it up (this is now officially a thing), both at Stonehenge (above) and then in Bath (below).

After walking around for quite a while, we all decided we needed a rest and found Hands of Bath Tearoom close to the central square in town.  It also claimed to sell the famous Bath Bun (which I will get to in a minute).

We both had cream tea, and then Chad ordered carrot cake as well. The scone was really yummy.  It was moist but not cakey and was a really good size as well.  Chad and I both agreed that they were better than the scones we had at Cream Tea which I still enjoyed.  The preserves were not quite as good, more generic than the others but still did the job.

 Chad loved his carrot cake and I will agree that the cake was very delicious. It was moist and had a nice spicy flavour but I personally found the icing to be too sweet.  The cream cheese flavour did not shine through the way I like it to.  Our friend who had never had cream cheese icing before loved it though.

Finally, I ordered a Bath Bun to go.  I saw signs for this around town and figured it must be the thing to get but after doing a bit of research when I got home, it seems as though the Sally Lunn bun would have been the thing to get for a true Bath experience.

The Bath Bun  is a rich, sweet yeast dough shaped round that has a lump of sugar baked in the bottom and more crushed sugar sprinkled on top after baking (from the Wikipedia page).  Mine also had currants and more sugar on top.  I ate it heated with butter and although it was yummy, the lump of sugar was a bit much for me.  The Sally Lunn bun is scented with lemon and doesn't have the lump of sugar in it.  Perhaps I will have to try it one day but missed out on this trip.  There was a giant line coming out of the Sally Lunn place.  

There are a ton of places to have tea in Bath, I couldn't get over how many there seemed to be but alas, we only had a few short hours and I think we made a good choice.  Our next trip is to Oxford and this time around I am my research ahead of time to find the best places to go and baked goods to eat.  


  1. I'm loving these updates Cait! Keep them coming. Lof!

  2. That looks like a great place for tea! And I would probably like that Bath Bun, sugar and all! I'm glad you're enjoying yourselves, and having such great weather! We have sun today (finally), and I'm heading outside to play in the leaves :). lof

  3. I love, love Bath. and I love cream tea. and I am so jealous of you, but happy too that you get to have this good adventure. miss you!