Tuesday, February 1, 2011

cake deco II

I can't believe it's February already.  January flew by and I don't have much to show for it in the baking department, but I am making my new year's resolution starting in February to blog at least twice a week. This week, I'll be able to do it because I made two things on the weekend.  Apparently this is the week of chocolate and nut combinations.  It isn't really surprising if you know my love of chocolate, and the fact that I'm the daughter of the world's number one fan of nuts (love you, mom!). 

I had to make a cake for my cake decorating class on the weekend and when I put the question out to my friends who would be eating it, I got such helpful responses as, "something wintery".  So, I googled, "winter cake flavours" and came across this recipe.  I decided to go for that general idea but was rushed so altered a boxed cake by adding pecan butter, spices, milk and extra eggs.  I left out the rum because I'm not huge on alcohol in desserts. I also made pralines (had to attempt these twice - oh candy, you will never be my friend) and chocolate icing to go in the centre, which was quite yummy indeed.  It was just the wintery cake we needed to warm us up after skating on the Rideau canal.

As for the cake decorating class, it was very informative.  I learned A TON, and will have to make an effort over the coming months to put some of it into practice so I don't forget it all.  Here is just a bit of what we learned and the final product, my cake.  I wasn't totally happy with it because I was kind of tired and rushed by the end of the day, but it was still not bad.



  1. I love all of your pretty, pretty flowers, and the fact that your decked out, spring-like cake proudly proclaims its love of wintry sports. It IS what you do on iced surfaces, after all (har har)

  2. Oh my goodness... fancy schmancy!!!