Wednesday, December 8, 2010

mini chocolate donuts with chocolate ganache and candy cane bits

On Saturday night, I went to three different parties.  One was a surprise going away party, one was a holiday party, and the other was a birthday party.  Not wanting to show up empty handed, I made a big batch of these little guys.  I saw crushed candy cane bits at the bulk food store and thought to myself, those would be good on mini chocolate donuts made in my new(ish) pan. Then, a few weeks later, Tim Horton's put out the exact same thing!  Not baked of course, but same idea.  I swear I had it first. haha 

I used this recipe.  I won't repost it here because I didn't think it was the best.  They ended up a bit dry and a bit bland but the ganache was delicious.  For the ganache I went a bit heavier on the chocolate than usual so that it would firm up before putting on the candy cane bits.  Was so rich and delicious...I may have (not admitting or denying) eaten quite a bit straight from the bowl after I finished icing the donuts.

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