Friday, December 3, 2010

gum paste update

It occured to me that I owe everyone an update on what I did in my gumpaste course. I’m sure you were all dying to know! Well, it is now over.  The final exam was Wednesday night.  It went better than I expected, although I still manage to get stressed when I can’t get something that I deem to be perfect. I really need to work on that. I don't have my final mark yet, but I will let everyone know when I get it.

The first course we learned daises and forget-me-nots. Both were pretty easy and I did really well on my homework mark. I got ½ a mark off because the centres on my impossibly teeny tiny little forget-me-nots were too big (seeing them side-by-side makes me realize that perhaps they were, but really, the only people that could get them smaller are children and I'm not about to hire child labour for my flowers). This picture makes the flowers look way bigger than they are...they're super tiny!

The second class, we learned how to make carnations, rose buds and roses. My hatred for carnations really shone through, and I struggled to get them looking right. What a stupid flower. If you want a cake with carnations on it, go somewhere else.

The roses were a bit easier but time consuming as well. The rose bud caused quite a stir in class because people were struggling so much with it. I didn’t find it too bad, but still need practice to get it just right.

In my last few classes, we learned orchids, calla lillies, chrysanthemums and tulips.  Calla lillies are a new favourite for sure.  They are so easy and yet have a big impact.  I'll have to show the other three in another post because I don't have pics yet.


  1. well, Imogen was just laughing hysterically while looking at your flowers with me, but I personally think they are amazing!

  2. I literally laughed when I read the carnation part! lol The flowers look amazing and I can't wait for my carnation cake! Cover it with carnations! lol