Wednesday, December 1, 2010

gerbera daisy cake

Last Thursday I put my new gum paste skills to work and made a cake for my coworker’s wife’s birthday. They had orange gerbera daisies at their wedding, and his wife really likes them, so we decided to go with those. I had done them before taking the gumpaste course and based on this tutorial online, but I felt more confident now and the results were better.

The cake was two vanilla layers with a “strawberry cheesecake” filling. I obviously don’t have a picture of that, because I wasn’t there when they ate it, but you can use your imagination. The filling is just strawberry jam that I mixed with cream cheese frosting. Then, I covered the cake with cream cheese frosting. Now, I know what you're thinking...cream cheese again!?  It’s not my fault that I seem to make it every week, people love it.  The cake was a success and both my coworker and his wife loved it!

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