Sunday, October 10, 2010

maple brûlée tart

I got this recipe from Technicolor Kitchen and was really excited about it, despite Patricia's warnings to go straight to the ramekins and skip the tart. I should have trustePost Optionsd her, because I know how amazing she is but I was stubborn because I felt it would be so nice on my tea party menu. I went ahead and ignored her and made one big tart instead of tartlets. I had a huge new tart pan so I did an extra half of the recipe. The pastry still managed to shrink up and so the proportions were all wrong with way too much pastry and not enough of the brûlée. I found the pastry to be a bit bland but perhaps with better proportions, I wouldn’t have felt this way. I also thought the maple flavour didn’t really shine through enough so next time I might add a bit of maple extract...although I haven’t tried it out yet and am worried about a fake maple flavour.

My friend with Celiac’s enjoyed her ramekin of maple brûlée, and despite all the imperfections, I still do think this tart has tons of potential with the right tweaks. I still decided to post, because these things happen to the best of us, and this is exactly why I started this blog; to push myself, to learn new things and to improve my skills as a baker. Perhaps I will have to do some work on it and re-post with an updated version.

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