Wednesday, September 15, 2010

jam friands

We have a ridiculous amount of jam around here.  It is taking up way too much room!  Inspired by Technicolor Kitchen, I decided to make jam friands.  I used both blackberry and raspberry jam, always a delicious combination.  I used her recipe for apricot jam friands, found here.  Being a brown butter rookie, I think I may have taken it off a wee bit early, but they were delicious nonetheless (and probably way more delicious than if I had burned the butter!).

Jim got me these awesome little tea cup cupcake holders and since I only had 8 fluted tart tins, I decided to test them out for the first time.  Definitely cuter for picture-taking.

My lovely coworkers got to enjoy these and everyone agreed they were quite yummy.  I was happy to use up a bit of jam.  Thumb print cookies might have to be next!

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