Tuesday, September 7, 2010

time to play catch-up

I’m back!  Did you miss me? Of course not, because I’m sure if you’re reading this, I talk to you on a weekly basis.  

If by some small miracle of the universe, you’re reading this and you HAVEN’T talked to me on a weekly basis, I’ll fill you in (all others skip down now).  After that last cake (the one below with the bees), I had a little bit of a baking meltdown over the lack of air conditioning and a cake promise I had made.  I’m not a fan of these months we call summer.  I hate the heat, it makes me cranky…like unbelievably super duper uber cranky.  After the cake promise, I decided to take a break from baking and blogging.  The blog was stressing me out because I just didn’t feel inspired in the heat.  Second floor apartment, no A/C, 44 degrees C with the humidity = me on the couch, in a position I like to call “heat stance”.  Stress was not the point of the blog so I needed the break.  Please excuse me for whining.

I did do a bit of baking.  A few birthdays came up and I got a few orders for cupcakes. Luckily, it did cool down for most of August and it wasn’t quite as unbearable.  Until last week that is…

I’ll throw in some pictures of some of the highlights here.  There was other baking but I didn't get pictures.
Maya's first bday cake
delicious Italian cream cake - I think this is one of my new favourites!
60s - themed cupcakes for a 50th bday party

Now that it is back to cool temperatures, I am looking forward to my favourite season.  I feel like this last week (the unbearably hot one) I have been gushing about fall like a new love.  I can’t stop talking about it, dreaming about it, thinking about all the fun things we’ll do together.  In fact, Jim, I hate to do this over the internet, but it’s over...fall and I are getting together and it’s going to be magical  (don’t worry folks, he’ll understand).  

My new love, the cooler temperatures, and the gorgeous colours will hopefully mean more blogging.  I have lots of fun stuff planned and really want to make it all happen.  I’m back, refreshed  and excited by these crisp temperatures, so I’ll be seeing you soon intarwebz.

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