Saturday, September 18, 2010

blog feature batterdays: natalie's killer cuisine

For today's blog feature batterday, I took a page from the ol' book of Natalie's Killer Cuisine.  A friend of mine was coming for tea and I needed something to go. 

I only discovered Natalie's blog a few weeks ago when browsing on tastespotting but loved it right away.  What immediately attracted me was the amazing photography.  You just wish you could put your hand through the screen and grab one of those delicious items she has crafted.

I decided to go with her Oatmeal Fudge Bars.  I was surprised that she didn't mention anything about Starbuck's in her post because these totally remind me of the ones you can get there.  I don't go often, but oat + chocolate is always a winner for me and the few times I've ventured out of my cubicle to the local Starbuck's, I've always been tempted. 

The one issue I had with this recipe was the amount of fudge.  I didn't use all of it, because it felt like way too much.  I was happy with that decision and made the remaining fudge into "fudge chips" to be used at a later date. (I froze the fudge chips and then put them all in a bag in the freezer)

 The bars were so yummy and I was very glad that I tried out this recipe.  As you can see, my photos were taken a bit hastily before the bars had really cooled and the fudge is still a bit gooey.  They may not look as pretty but damn were they good!  Natalie's blog is definitely worth a look for a variety of baked goods and some interesting takes on Southern classics. I really respect that she went back to school to pursue her dreams, and it looks like she made the right choice!

P.S. If you decide to make these...they cut way easier and prettier when they're cool.  If you can wait that long...

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