Saturday, September 25, 2010

blog feature batterdays: joy the baker

I'm in Toronto this weekend to run a half marathon.  My sister requested hang out time and so I suggested we bake together.  This mostly turned into me baking while she watched and we chatted, but I was ok with that.  I sent this recipe to her a few days ago to see if she would be interested.  She was down!
me and my new friend chloe

I've been following Joy the Baker for quite a while now.  She is definitely a legend when it comes to internet baking blogs and her stuff never disappoints.  Her baking ranges from the quite complicated to the super easy (like this recipe - peanut butter chocolate pillows) and she always explains it in the easiest terms with a sense of humour.  These pb chocolate pillows were so simple and delicious.

I felt for Joy this week when her bike was stolen, and so it is even more fitting that I should give her some shout outs.  She is awesome, and so is her blog, so check it out!

before the oven

ready for eating - yum!


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