Saturday, April 3, 2010

bushtukah event (aka my first big catering experience)

Things have been a bit hectic lately, which accounts for my lack of posts.  The Bushtukah women in sport event that I had been preparing for since January came and went last weekend.  Without any tragedies, I might add.  I was very proud of myself for pulling off that amount of baking by myself.  It did mean that I was on my feet baking for three days straight, the longest of which went from 9am to 1am.  I was also pleased that my cupcake original, the Bombay Banger, (created with Jason Laurin of Essence Catering) was a big hit!  The whole thing was a real boost to my baking self esteem.  I knew my stuff tasted good, but hearing it from so many people who don’t know me and haven’t tried it before felt good.  I worked hard to make sure that everything tasted delicious and the effort really paid off.  The event opened my eyes to new possibilities and I am looking forward to building my skill set.  Look for exciting new things to come!

Here are a few photos from the event.  Wish there were more but I was busy with load-in and then people began arriving.

waiting to load

glassware buckled-up

one of my tables at the event

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